Architecture Approval

1.0 Overview:

1.1 All lot owners planning construction or renovation of a single family home, boat dock, boat house, storage shed, garage or any other improvements that will be placed on a Grandview Lake lot, must first apply for a building permit before starting work. It is necessary to first submit the plans to the GLOA office for review by the Architecture Board member, or designee. Plans should be submitted in duplicate to the G.L.O.A. office so that one set can remain on record

1.2 A written response will be furnished to the lot owner. The Architecture Board member, or designee will do everything possible to review plans within a reasonably short period of time. Please plan ahead so you are not delayed. Construction may not commence until permit is issued and displayed at site.

 2.0 Definitions:

2.1 Single Family Homes, Additions and Improvements: Structure(s) built or brought on site to a Grandview Lake lot (including but not limited to: home, additions / renovations, boat dock, boat house, storage shed, garage or any other improvements).

2.2 GLOA: Grandview Lot Owners Association – To contact the Grandview Lake office call 812-342-1219 or email or stop by the office at 5150 S 650 W Columbus, In 47201-8813. Office hours: Monday through Friday 1:00 PM To 5:00 PM

2.3 Dredging: Process to remove materials from shoreline.

2.4 Improvements: Including, but not limited to: out-buildings, dredging, pools, decks, car ports, sun shelters, etc. The Architecture GLOA BOD member has the authority to determine if proposed plan for improvements not specified here requires the permit process.

3.0 Application process

3. 1              Applications for dredging, structures and change orders shall utilize the “Architecture Instructions and Form” process to request review of submitted drawing plans. This form may be found on the Grandview Lake website at This procedure shall be managed in coordination with companion procedures: “Dredging” and “Lakefront and Overwater Structures”.

3.2 For single family dwellings’ building plans “blueprints” should show a building’s footprint, elevations, square footage and dimensions so that the improvement can be compared to the covenants for your lot and addition. A Bill of Materials should include all supplies needed to complete the project.

3.3              The lot owner’s application shall include a site plan. The site plan shall provide distance measurements from lot lines, water’s edge and any other structure(s) on the lot.

3.4              The lot owner or contractor shall stake out the proposed building site according to dimensions provided in 3.3. The Architecture Board member, or designee, will inspect the stake out at the site prior to issuing the Preliminary Approval Letter.

3.5              The Architecture Board member, or designee, will consult adjacent neighbors to determine if they have any objections to the proposed dimensions or placement, and facilitate discussions between the parties. See 4.1 for final authority on approval process.

3.6 The Architecture Board member, or designee, will perform a second site inspection upon notification that the final footer stakes have been placed prior to issuing the Final Approval letter. See 4.4 for authority to conduct subsequent inspections.

3.7          Upon receipt of the Final Approval letter, the lot owner or contractor may apply for a county building permit.

4.0 Authority:

4.1              The Grandview Lake Owners Association Board has the authority to make judgment calls in cases where the lot owner who is presenting a building request and adjacent neighbors disagree on proposed building or conversion plans. Their ruling shall be final. They will use this procedure to guide their decision; however it is noted that circumstances vary greatly around the lake, making a final arbiter necessary in some cases.

4.2              This procedure is to be managed in harmony with the other procedures that address structures including: “Lakefront and Overwater Structures” and “Lake Use Regulations”.

4.3              Any contemplated change orders to configuration, dimensions or footprint after receiving the Final Approval letter must be submitted to the Architecture Board member, or designee, for approval before proceeding with the change, including all steps outlined in section 3.

4.4                       The Architecture Board member, or designee, shall have the right to review the stake out of a structure before construction, inspect the site prior to start of the original plan and / or any change order before construction, and during construction, to ensure that construction matches approved plan.

4.5                 Construction changes that affect configuration, dimensions or footprint that are implemented though not approved by the Architecture Board member, or designee, may result in a construction stop order which shall be conveyed to the county authority.

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