Boat Operation

1.0 Purpose:

1.1 To ensure safe enjoyment of boating activities at Grandview Lake.

2.0 Definitions:

2.1 Boat: Motorized or non-motorized watercraft, including but not limited to boats, kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, sailboards, jet skis, ice boats, snowmobiles, any of which is hereinafter also referred to in the Grandview Lake Rules and Regulations as “boat”

2.2 Boat Sticker / Decal: GLOA decal identifying approved Grandview boats. GLOA Lake Manager, GLOA Lake Safety Chair or their designee may apply decals to boats.

2.3 GLOA: Grandview Lot Owners Association – To contact the Grandview Lake office call 812-342-1219 or email or stop by the office at 5150 S 650 W Columbus, In 47201-8813. Office hours: Monday through Friday 1:00 PM To 5:00 PM

2.4 NO WAKE / IDLE ZONE: Area designated by a buoy ( a floating marker) beyond which a boater must operate at a speed that does not create a wake. “No Wake” speed must be observed per section 3.12 evening restrictions as documented in the Grandview newsletter.

2.5 Lake Safety Chair: GLOA BOD member representing water safety.

3.0 Boat Operation

3.1 All power boats shall be driven in a counterclockwise direction as viewed from above the lake, except for an area as may be designated from time to time by the BOD for use of a water ski course. No boat may be operated to cause a 360 degree turn on any weekend or holiday.

3.2 All power boats shall be operated farther than 100 ft. from any shoreline, unless driven at idle speed and slow enough to prevent wake or wash.

3.3 All power boats, including jet skis, following or overtaking another boat shall stay clear of any boat ahead by at least 100 ft. and shall overtake or pass to the left no closer than 50 ft. from the other boat. If either or both boats are pulling skiers, tubers, or persons, the 100 ft. minimum clearance includes the skiers, tubers, or persons, and equipment. No boat shall be operated so as to directly follow the path of a skier, tuber or person at any distance of less than 300 ft.

3.4 All skiers, tubers, and persons being towed by any boat must wear a Coast Guard approved flotation device. Each person aboard a personal watercraft or jet ski must wear a Coast Guard approved flotation device.

3.5 Boats towing a skier, tuber or other person must return at once to a fallen or dropped skier, tuber or person, but must keep clear of boats when turning or traveling to the skier, tuber or person. No boat shall go any closer than 100 ft. of any fallen skier, tuber or person.

3.6 On weekends a boat may tow no more than two (2) of the following: skiers, tubers or persons at any one time from noon to 8:00 p.m., and on holidays a boat may tow no more than two of the following: skiers, tubers, or persons at any one time from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. A tow rope shall not be longer than 80 ft. and must not be allowed to trail behind a boat when the boat is not pulling a skier, tuber or person.

3.7 A ski shall not be “dropped” or be left in the lake in areas of boat traffic, and “dropped” skis must be picked up immediately.

3.8 During heavy traffic times, which always include Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and holidays from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., all skiers, tubers and persons who are being towed by power boats must have an observer on the towing power boats in addition to the driver. At other times the driver must have a suitable rear view mirror or an additional observer. Operating hours for holidays have been extended to cover all holiday weekends from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

3.9 In order to prevent congestion on the lake during heavy traffic times, as defined in 3.8 above, no more than one (1) power boat registered to a lot shall use the lake for towing any skier, tuber, or person.

3.10 All power boats must stay clear of skiers, tubers, or persons being towed by a watercraft, and swimmers. A fallen skier should hold his/her ski up (other fallen persons should hold their hand and arm up) above the surface of the water in order to increase his/her visibility to boats.

3.11 Occupants of a boat with a motor running are to be situated within the boat so that, regardless of the speed of the boat, a loss of balance or unexpected maneuver will not expel them from the boat. No jumping out of a moving boat is allowed unless an emergency situation exists.

3.12 The maximum speed allowed on the lake is 35 miles per hour between sunrise and sunset; however, a boat towing a barefoot skier may be operated at no more than 40 miles per hour at such time. All power boats shall be operated at idle speed with no wake on the lake between sunset and sunrise. The times of “sunset” and “sunrise” each day shall be as published by the Grandview newsletter.

3.13 The Safety Chair or designees as designated by the Board of Directors of Grandview Lot Owners Association, Inc., may establish additional idle and no wake zones, to be marked by signs or buoys designating the outer perimeter of idle areas.

3.14 No boat shall be operated within such designated areas above idle speed with no wake.

3.15 Power boats leaving an idle zone must yield right-of-way to any watercraft outside the idle zone. Boats crossing the entrance to an inlet while having person in tow have the right of . Page: 3 way over boats entering or leaving the inlet. However, if both boats have persons in tow, then the boat on the right has the right-of-way.

3.16 The “New addition cove”, extending to a line across the cove from Lot 101 to Lot 154 shall be a no wake zone, and all power boats shall be operated at idle speed within this area.

3.17 Boats shall be operated in such a manner as to comply with the following rules unless it shall not be a safe maneuver: a. If two (2) power boats are approaching each other bow to bow, each boat must yield to the right to stay clear of the other boat. b. If two (2) power boats are approaching obliquely or from the side, the boat on the right has the right-of-way.

3.18 Boats must not create excessive noise (including loud music) (exhaust must be muffled), and no hydroplanes primarily designed for racing purposes, no airboats (propelled by airthrusts), no submarine or any boat or watercraft designed to operate below the surface of the water and no houseboats may use the lake. No airplane, helicopter, or other craft that is designed to fly or hover above the ground or water may use the lake.

3.19 No person shall operate any boat that is loaded with passengers and/or cargo beyond its safe carrying capacity as recommended by the manufacturer of the boat or as identified by the manufacturer’s disclosure placed on the boat.

3.20 All power boats operating between sunset and sunrise shall exhibit the following: a. A bright white light aft, higher than the bow light, visible 360 degrees around the boat. b. A separate or combined light in the forepart (bow) of the watercraft showing green to starboard and red to port.

3.21 All other watercraft when operating between sunset and sunrise shall carry, ready at hand, a lantern or flashlight which shall be exhibited showing a bright white light in sufficient time to indicate its presence in order to avoid collision. Any stationary boat need not exhibit lights except when approached by another watercraft.

3.22 Any person who is operating any watercraft on Grandview Lake shall stop the operation of the watercraft at the request of or after being hailed or signaled to stop by the Safety Chair or his designee, or any GLOA BOD member for such period of time as necessary to communicate with any such persons. Such operator shall accurately give his/her name, his/her age, and any other reasonable information as requested by the Safety Chair or his designee, or any GLOA BOD member. The Safety Chair or his designee, or any GLOA BOD member have the right to inspect any boat for violation of Grandview Lake rules, including the utilization of wake enhancing devices.

3.23 No person shall ‘utilize’ a device of any kind whose purpose is to increase the size of the boat’s wake. In other words, factory installed water ballast systems should be empty, trim tabs should not be set to enhance the wake and no water bags or “fat sacks” are permitted. Boats will not be registered and stickered with any of these devices after January 1, 2009 and existing boats will not be registered and stickered to a different lot owner after January 1, 2009.

3.24 The ski course should be for slalom purposes only. No boat shall pull a tube through the ski course. No boat shall be tied off to any part of the ski course.

3.25 Even though a boat may have the right-of-way over another boat pursuant to any of these rules, the operator of such boat shall not pursue its right-of-way if to do so would create an unsafe situation. The operator of any boat must slow down or stop, even if there is a person in tow, in order to avoid a collision or any unsafe encounter with another boat or person.

3.26 No watercraft, float or person is allowed to tie, anchor or otherwise attach themselves to any NO WAKE / IDLE ZONE buoy at any time

4.0 Special Circumstances:

4.1 See Lake Rules Enforcement (LAKE 004) procedure for penalties associated with breach of the above rules.