1.0 Purpose:

1.1 To explain the requirements for dredging on Grandview Lake.

1.2 This work instruction specifies that the application, review and approval process as required in Architecture 001 applies to dredging activities.

1.3 Permit applications shall address each item listed in section 3 and 4 below in their application submittal.

2.0 Definitions:

2.1 Dredging: Process to remove materials from shoreline.

2.2 Improvements: Including, but not limited to: out-buildings, dredging, pools, decks, car ports, sun shelters, etc. The Architecture GLOA BOD member has the authority to determine if proposed plan for improvements not specified here requires the permit process.

3.0 Dredging Permit Form:

3.1 Dredge Information:

a. Dredging area proposed (provide lot owner(s) name(s), contact information and explain specific lots involved and provide map illustrating areas affected):

b. Proposed type of dredging (Backhoe, dragline, etc.)?

c. Will hard base soil be removed?

d. Proposed timeline?

e. Company to be utilized for services?

f. Is the company bonded and insured? (Provide copy with application)

g. Explain methods utilized to protect other lot owners from dredging functions (siltation fence).

h. Where will equipment cleaning be performed (bucket, etc…)?

i. Has neighbor notification been completed? (See liability section).

j. Ensure that no neighbors are obstructed from lake use. (Where will lake bottom material be taken to? (This cannot be unloaded on GLOA property. See liability section.)

k. Provide proposed days of week and start / stop times for performance of work.


3.2 Launch Area Information:

l. What type of heavy equipment will be utilized in the launch area? (Concern centers around damage to launch and the boat parking areas).

m. What is the weight of the equipment utilized on the launch?

n. What accommodations will be undertaken to restore the launch area to pre-dredge condition?

o. Who will be responsible for gate access? (Keys are not to be left with the contractor).


3.3 Equipment Information:

p. Where will equipment be stored/parked when not in use?

q. Will equipment obstruct lot owner use of Grandview property?


3.4 Liability:

r. The lot owner(s) involved will be responsible for any damages/loss that occur due to launch gate being left open by participants or the contractor.

s. Lot owner(s) will be responsible for any damages/loss that occur from contractor’s equipment whether in the launch area or on the water as result of project.

t. Provide a approval/signature list of applicant(s) fronting on the dredging area noting their notification of for this work and financial responsibility

u. Provide a statement that the dredging company contracted is responsible for removing silt/unwanted material from lake property and will be depositing off site.

v. Dumping of silt/unwanted material excavated from the lake bottom on GLOA, lot owners or adjacent property(s) is not allowed.

w. The involved owner(s) and the contractor are legally responsible for resultant lot erosion and/or structural damage to properties created by the dredging in question. (It is recommended that soil and shale/rock samples be taken so you have the knowledge regarding potential slippage and ground shift when the lake bottom material is removed). This is a serious possibility with the lot slopes on each side above the dredging area.


4.0 Special Circumstances:

4.1 The GLOA Architecture BOD member is authorized to request additional information, commensurate with the dredging request.

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