Lake Use Regulations

1.0 Purpose:

1.1 To explain GLOA procedures for safe use of Grandview Lake.

2.0 Definitions:

2.1 Boat:  Motorized or non-motorized watercraft, including but not limited to boats, kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, sailboards, jet skis, ice boats, snowmobiles, any of which is hereinafter also referred to in the Grandview Lake policies, procedures and work instructions as “boat”.

2.2 Boat Sticker / Decal:  GLOA decal identifying approved Grandview boats.  GLOA Lake Manager, GLOA Lake Safety Chair or their designee may apply decals to boats.

2.3 GLOA: Grandview Lot Owners Association – To contact the Grandview Lake office call 812-342-1219 or email or stop by the office at 5150 S 650 W Columbus, IN 47201-8813.  Office hours: Monday through Friday 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

2.4 Lake Safety Chair: GLOA BOD member representing Lake Safety Chair.

3.0 Restrictions Relating to Use of the Lake:

3.1       Use of the lake by anyone other than a lot owner and guest and family of a lot owner or renter(s) of a lot and guests and family of such renter(s), as provided in SECTION 3, is prohibited unless approval is obtained in advance from the BOD.  If a lot is rented, the owner of such lot and such owner’s guests and family shall not use the lake for such period of time that such lot is rented.

3.2       No person shall use the lake if such person is under the influence of alcoholic beverages or any other controlled substance.

3.3       All persons who use the lake must exercise courtesy and consideration to other lake users and must conform to these boating rules, unless to do so would create a hazardous or unsafe situation.

3.4       Attached hereto is a map of Grandview Lake (See Figure #1) designating certain restrictions within certain areas of the lake, and use of the lake shall comply with the regulation as shown on this map. Boat traffic must travel counter-clock at all times except when using the slalom course near the dam.  Skiers from a lot may be towed into or out of such lot, but the boat and the skier must not cross any area within 100 feet in front of any other lot or the designated “IDLE ZONE” area as shown on the attached map.

3.5       All boats must carry a Coast Guard approved lifesaving device for each occupant of the boat.

3.6       No person under the age of sixteen (16) years shall operate a boat having a motor over ten (10) horsepower or jet ski, except under one of the following conditions:
a. Accompanied by a person over the age of eighteen (18) years.
b. Accompanied by a person over the age of sixteen (16) years who has been issued a certificate of completion of a U. S. Coast Guard or Power Squadron approved basic boating course.

3.7        The maximum overall length of boats that are permitted on the lake is limited to 21 feet for power boats, 25 feet for pontoon boats, 19 feet for sailboats, except for those registered and stickered before November 4, 1990, although such boats may not be registered and stickered to a different lot or different owner after November 4, 1990. The manufacturer’s specifications as to the length of a watercraft shall constitute proof of the length of such watercraft.  The “length of boats” may be determined by the certificate of title of each boat, if accurate.  Boats with cabins or on-board toilets are not allowed on the lake, except for those registered and stickered before November 4, 1990, although such boats may not be registered or stickered to a different lot or different owner after November 4, 1990.

3.8        Boat weight is limited to under 4,500 lbs.

3.9         All new construction of docks, structures which are part of docks, boat lifts, and floats (regardless of size), including floating trampolines, must be placed so that they meet all the following specifications:

  1. All new construction of docks, structures which are part of docks, boat lifts, and other structures attached to the shore and the ground beneath the water may not extend beyond 40 feet from original shoreline of Grandview Lake.  And, floats, floating swim platforms, trampolines, (of any size) may not be anchored as to extend more than 60 feet from the original shoreline of Grandview Lake, and
  2. They shall not be more than one-fifth (1/5) the distance from the original shoreline of Grandview Lake to the opposite shore, and
  3. Any float or dock that is located more than 40 ft. from shore, must itself, or by attached flag, always extend at least 12 inches above the surface of the water. Reflectors sufficient to reflect light during dark conditions must be placed as high as possible on the existing structure of the float or dock so as to be visible for 360 degrees around each dock and float. This may require a reflector to be placed on every side of such dock or float.  As used herein the word “float” includes any floating trampoline.

3.10         No lines or cables or underwater obstructions, which are within 8 ft. below the surface of the water, shall be placed in the lake without sufficient identification or markings clearly visible to those operating boats.

3.11          No person shall swim more than 100 ft. from shore or beyond the “IDLE ZONE” areas as shown on the attached map without an accompanying boat, nor shall users of air mattresses or other flotation devices get into boat traffic patterns or more than 100 ft. from shore or beyond the “IDLE ZONE” areas as shown on the attached map. Persons must stay within 50 feet of an accompanying boat.

3.12          No one shall discard cans, bottles, trash, or any other refuse into the lake, and no one shall dump or allow the discharge of gasoline, oil, sewage, or other toxic materials into the lake.

3.13         Any special event to be conducted on the lake shall have prior approval of the BOD. This rule is intended to benefit the Grandview Yacht Club and Grandview Ski Club but may apply to other organizations of lot owners as well.

3.14         All boats, including jet skis, must have designed reasonable seating capacity for all occupants and persons being towed. For example, a jet ski designed for two (2) persons occupied by two (2) persons may not tow any person.

3.15         Ice-skating and use of snowmobiles, ice boats and other similar devices registered under Watercraft Registration and Regulations procedure is allowed on Grandview Lake. Use of the lake for these purposes is at such person’s risk, and all children who use the lake for these purposes must be accompanied and supervised by a person eighteen (18) years or age or older, who shall be responsible for their safe use of the lake.  Snowmobile races and ice boat races are prohibited unless approval of the Board of Directors of the Grandview Lot Owners Association is first obtained for each specific activity.

3.16          Any construction at the Grandview shoreline* will be done so as to not extend the shoreline into the lake thereby reducing lake area. The shoreline may be recessed into the lot.  Riprap may be used beyond the shoreline for shoreline and sea wall protection.  Sand (or other small aggregate) may be used at the shoreline for enjoyment as long as it does not affect the neighboring lots.
*Shoreline is determined using these steps:

  • Grandview Lake pool level is 730 feet above sea level. Find the pool level.
  • At each lot line and between the lot lines mark points at the pool level on the earth.
  • These points are the shoreline following the contour on the earth

Figure #1:

4.0 Special Circumstances:

  • See Enforcement of procedure for penalties associated with breach of the above rules See Procedure LAKE 004
  • Sections 3.8 and 3.15 above are subject to the Structure Approval procedure number Architecture 001, including applying for a permit, receiving a permit and abiding by all architecture requirements in the procedure.


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1 3.8 Weight limit passed at 2014 Annual Meeting 11/2/14
2 3.7 Pontoon boat length passed at 2015 Annual Meeting 11/1/15
3 3.4 Added verbiage from Figure 1 Map 9/21/17