Indiana’s Largest Private Lake

Whether you desire a permanent or seasonal home, the opportunity for water sports, fishing, hiking, sailing and more await.

Recreation all Year Long!

The private lake is perfect for all water sports, boating, and fishing. We also offer established hiking trails that cover more than 7 miles for use by the lot owners and their guests.

A Lake with a History!

Grandview Lake has over 50 years of history when the lake was planned by Q. G. Noblitt who bought a beautiful valley and surrounding acreage in western Bartholomew County. Q. G. envisioned a lake site and convinced Phillip Long and Denzel Truex to form a development company.

Need Safety Boat Patrol? Click Below!

The Safety Patrol is a privately hired law enforcement that patrols our lake on weekends and holidays to ensure fun and safety for all of us. So we can spend quality time on the lake! We all want to be the most courteous boaters for the enjoyment of our community experiences at Grandview. Patrol can be contacted if there is an obvious violation of community rules, this should only be done for safety concerns. Thanks for being a good neighbor!



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